VL 4 Vertical Turning Machine for chucked components up to 200 mm in diameter

vl-4-9aVL 4 Vertical Turning Machine.

The new VL 4 turning machine design allows for diverse manufacturing technologies for soft and hard machining to be applied with great flexibility. With the possibility to easily interlink a number of machines, the line automation is tailored to suit customers’ requirements using a set of automation modules. The flexibility achieved accounts for the success the VL 4 has shown in the machining of a wide range of chucked components.

The modular concept of the VL 4 makes it all possible: the vertical turning machine can be equipped to suit a variety of applications. It is compact in design yet powerful and features an integrated automation solution with the pick-up spindle. The VL 4 vertical turning machine can handle workpieces up to 200 mm in diameter.

The machine base out of the polymer concrete MINERALIT® ensures vibration-resistant machining and ensures an extended tool life and outstanding machining quality. The main spindle is mounted on the front compound slide and carries out the dynamic movements required in X- and Z-axis with an optional Y-axis.

ПреимуществаТехнические характеристики
  • Self-loading machine with a pick-up spindle and integrated conveyor belt.
  • Tool turret with 12 tool positions (also for driven tools) and very short indexing times.
  • All service units are freely accessible and therefore easy to reach.
  • MINERALIT® polymer concrete machine base ensures great stability and excellent vibration damping.
  • Vertical machining offers ideal downward chip flow conditions.
  • The machines can be fitted with a Y-axis in the turret to allow for the machining of complex geometries.
Рабочий диапазон
Диаметр патрона мм 260
Макс. диаметр вращения мм 280
Перемещение по оси X мм 740
Перемещение по оси Z мм 400